Wilkinson Sword Hydro1

Water Activated Gel Reservoir: Designed to protect mens skin and deliver 40 percent less friction than a razor with lubrication strip
3 ultra-glide razor blades with skin guards: Smooth the skins surface, helping to reduce irritation
Flip Trimmer: The Gel Reservoir flips back to expose all five blades, helping trim tight spaces such as under the nose and sideburns

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Wilkinson Sword Protector 3 Blades

Forged with an Alpha Diamond coating, Wilkinson Sword Protector 3 blade refills provide a smooth shave at an affordable cost.
The Protector 3’s Micro Guard System helps protect your skin from irritation.
The Protector 3 features a lubricating strip enriched with Aloe Vera for glide.

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Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision Razor Blades

Larger skin preparation strip
Edging blade
Titanium – coated blades

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Wilkinson Sword Razor Blades

Lathers and shaves in one simple step – without the need for soap or shaving gel – just add water
Ideal for dry skin
Pivoting head to closely follow the contours of your body

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Wilkinson Sword Xtreme 3 Sensitive Men’s Disposable Razors x8

Performance disposable shaving
3 flexible blades, that follow the angles of your face, to provide comfort and control when shaving
2 lubricating strips formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E: Provide a comfortable shave

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