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20 Blades Gillette Sensor Excel Razor Blades Cartridges Refill (5 Blades x 4 Pack)

20 Blades Gillette Sensor Excel Razor Blades Cartridges Refill (5 Blades x 4 Pack)
Razor Blades : Made in Poland
All Sensor razors fit all Sensor cartridges.

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Andis Supra Zr Ii Cordless Detachable Blade Clipper

Now with removable battery for fast, easy replacement and no downtime
Heavy-duty, detachable blade Clipper in a cordless design delivers a 3-hour run time on a 2-hour charge
Lithium-ion power mated with powerful rotary motor to cut any hair Type – wet or dry

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Bamboo Eco Friendly Safety Razor Double Edge Shaver

This Environmentally Friendly Natural wooden Razor ensures you achieve the closest, most comfortable shave while looking after the planet at the same time.
The world of Bamboo Safety Razor is made from high quality stainless-steel and a 100% natual bamboo handle making the Razor extremely strong and durable. This will be the last Razor you ever need to buy.
Preserve our oceans and outdoors by cutting down on your usage of single use plastic by using this reusable Biodegradable Safety Razor. All you will need to replace and recycle the blade. Giving you the cleanest shave and a cleaner planet.

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BIC Flex 3 Men’s Razors 4 Pack

Sold as a pack of 4, this triple independently movable-blade razor for men is perfect for a close and soft shave
Large lubricating strip with vitamin E and aloe vera gives you a smooth glide
The comfortable heavy handle with rubber grip means all men can look forward to superior control

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CANDURE Straight Cut Throat Shaving Barber Razor For Men With Pouch

Professional Straight Cut Throat Shaving Razor. Produced for Optimum Performance.
It is of the highest quality, handmade, hand-cut and is very comfortable to hold.
The handle is made of pure wood and we have kept it 100% natural, there is no paint or polish

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Cut Throat Razor for Men by The Cambridge Cutthroat® – Men’s Shaving Straight Swing Lock Razor – Travel Pouch and Cotton Kit Bag Included – Perfect Male Grooming Accessory

PURCHASE YOUR BLADES ON AMAZON: As required by UK law, no blades are included. You can purchase them on Amazon to arrive with your razor! Just search for ‘double edge razor blades’ and start shaving straight away.
QUICK & CONVENIENT BLADE REPLACEMENT: Unlike similar products on the market, this men’s shaving razor comes with a highly practical and user-friendly swing lock mechanism, allowing you to easily change the blades without any hassle. The Cambridge Cutthroat straight razor is made from premium quality, ultra-durable stainless-steel and deluxe Missanda wood, guaranteed to withstand the test of time. The materials are 100% safe and can be used in water without fear of oxidization or warping.
PROFESSIONAL RESULTS: The Cambridge Cutthroat straight swing lock razor is designed to last and provides close-cut professional shaving results, making it a smart, long-term investment. The perfectly balanced, ergonomic shape feels comfortable in your hand, while a replaceable ultra-sharp blade glides smoothly and quickly over your beard.

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Derby 100 Derby Extra Shaving Blades

100x Derby Extra Blades
Chromium-Cermamic-Platinum-Tungsten and Polymer Coated Edges
20 Dispensers of 5 Blades

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Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades and Free Arko Shaving Cream Soap Stick

100 DERBY EXTRA Double Edge Razor Blades comes in a package + a free Arko Soap comes next to it
Each packet includes 20 sealed packages of 5 DERBY EXTRA blades which is a total of 100 double-edge blades
Each individual package is sealed and contains 5 blades. Each blade is individually wax paper wrapped

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Double Edge Safety Razor for Men & Women | Bamboo Razor in Eco Friendly Case w Mirror & Grooming Tweezer | Any DE Razors Blade Fits | Durable & Sustainable | Rebel Shave

✔ FREE GROOMING TWEEZER & KEEPBOX WITH MIRROR – Tweezer with Biodegradable Nylon-4 Brush. (NO BLADES INC) Great for everyday grooming & cleaning your Bamboo Razor. Get rid of unwanted hairs where your razor can’t get. Keep your reusable razor safe in the KEEPBOX, or use it for make up, shaving products or jewellery storage. Great for travel.
💰 HIGH QUALITY & GREAT VALUE – This environmentally friendly grooming set, is a great start for a sustainable lifestyle, minimising your waste. Exceptional value for money. This DE Razor will last a lifetime and blades are easily replaced & recycled.
★ LUXURY SMOOTH SHAVE – The best Safety Razor for beginners and pros. Engineered to achieve the perfect shave for womens & mens legs, head, body and facial hair. Every razor is unique, with a strong and durable Bamboo handle and stainless steel parts.

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Double Edge Safety Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle | The Perfect Shave | High Quality | Sustainable and Durable | Environmentally Friendly |Fits All Double Edge Razor Blades | Bambaw

*PERFECT SHAVE*: Achieve a closer, smoother, more professional shave without the hassle of irritation or ingrown hairs with the Bambaw double edge safety razor.
*DURABLE*: Bambaw double edged safety razors are pretty much guaranteed to last a lifetime. Made from high quality materials, a 100% bamboo handle and stainless-steel parts, your Bambaw razor is incredibly strong and durable.
*ECO-FRIENDLY*: Conventional plastic razors are practically impossible to recycle and end up in our landfills and oceans. With Bambaw safety razors all you need to do is replace and recycle the blade, which helps create a cleaner planet.

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Edwin Jagger Amazon Exclusive Kelvin Chrome Plated Knurled Handle Double

Unique design from the original designers of the DE8 Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor range, offers a very close, comfortable shave, with very low cost blade replacement it saves you money every day
Comfortable weight and balance for accurate, close shaving. This is an ideal razor, with a blade angle perfectly suited for both new and experienced Double Edge wet shavers
Rubber coated handle for better wet grip and the Edwin Jagger name embossed into the chrome plated collar, a guarantee of authenticity

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GILLETE Contour Plus Blades 10’S

Gillete-Gillette Contour Plus Blade Distribution by 10

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