Body Groomer

3pcs Eyebrow Razor Trimmer Shaver Hair Remover Makeup Tool

Materail: stainless steel blade
Size: 15×1.5cm
Colour: Blue + pink + purple

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7Lucky Portable Bikini Trimmer Shaver for Women Sanitary Pubic Hair Razor Bikini Shaving Stencil Privates Shaper Secret Pubic Hair Shaver (A)

This bikini trimmer can safely and comfortably shave, trim and maintain sensitive bikini areas with a sharp, hypo-allergenic bikini razor blade designed for use on sensitive skin.
Personal shaver makes it easy to trim as close to the skin as you want while avoiding irritation and razor bumps with a women’s shaver trim head. Angled waterproof bikini trimmer head also helps cut and remove unwanted hair more easily.
Safety razor kit, easy to carry and use. Made from Food grade silicone, contact with the skin does not cause allergies and other skin problems, with the razor kit, shave and shape easily, to be a confident and shining woman.

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Anself Male Back Hair Shaver Women Body Hair Remover Plastic Long Handle Back Razor

High-grade Blade: stainless steel blade, sharp, durable and rust-resistant. Widely-used:
The back razor shaves anywhere on your body, such as your back, legs, etc.
Skid-resistant Handle: The handle is hard-wearing and break-resistant. Thoughtful Design:

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BaByliss for Men AcuBlade Face and Body Groomer

Professional all over face and body trimmer
Skin-friendly cutting blades with Titanium for smooth, gentle trimming
Up to 60 minutes of cordless use on a 2-hour charge

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Back Body Hair Removal Body Trimmer Waterproof for Men Pain-Free, Supcare Men Manual Body Shaver, Male Foldable Back Hair Shaver

✅Easy Back Hair Removal, Pain-Free: You don’t have to ask others to shave your back hair. This body shaver handle can be adjusted from 10.8” to 18″ long for easily reaching all hard-to-reach areas. Easy to shave back and body hairs, without felling pain. Body and back hair removal becomes so easily by yourself. Easy to store. A good helper during travel.
✅Shaving Wet or Dry: The handle is made of water-proof ABS plastic material, the blade is made of water-proof stainless steel material. This body shaver helps you to shave wet or dry back and body hair easily. Plus, the water-proof materials resist rust and bacteria, which guarantees clean and sanitary shaving. Recommend cleaning the blade after shaving. Cleaning and good maintenance is so easy.
✅Reused and Economical Body Shaver: Comes with two replaceable blades. When you find this body shaver’s cutting head is not as sharp as before, just change a new cutting head, no need to buy a new set of body shaver, which is economical and environment-friendly.

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Back Shaver Electric Razor for Men Back Hair Body Groomer Trimmer with Foldable Long Handle with Blade Cleaning Brush (Not Included Batteries)

Θ DIY BODY SHAVER – To have a perfect dating, body hair removal is very necessary. If you have trouble cleaning your hair of your back, this groomer with long 180°foldable handle which can be extended to 37cm is perfect for you. No need to suffer from harsh chemicals or painful waxing.
Θ SUITABLE FOR WHOLE BODY – The back shaver razor is suitable for your whole body such as back, chest, arms, legs and even your private parts. You can easily shave your body.
Θ EASY TO USE – This lightweight shaver can to extended to 37cm and fold up in few seconds. It only spends few minutes to remove your hair on your body while taking shower.

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Back Shaver Razor for Men by Shavermen Back Hair Body Groomer Trimmer for Mens Do It Yourself Waterprooof Bodygroom Guide Book and Bonus Back Scrubber Included

DO-IT-YOURSELF BODY GROOMERS – To have an attractive body, body hair removal is necessary. If you struggle with how to get rid of back hair in hard to reach places, the SHAVERMEN Back Shaver Razor for men is for you. No more waiting for a helping hand, no more use of harsh chemicals or painful waxing. Do it yourself using our guide book with simple tips that will help you get the best result.
WET OR DRY – Our back shaver for men is designed with your body shape in mind. Wet or dry, use the shaver to quickly remove hair from lower and upper back, arms and even your legs. Use our bonus Back Scrubber for best results. Once the back hair removal is complete, the sensation on your back is so much better when wearing clothes, sweating and after showering.
REPLACEABLE BLADES – EASY TO FIND – We admit it, shaving will dull even the best razor. Our waterproof back razor for men comes with a double-edged blade that is replaceable with one quick motion of sliding the blade out of the track. Then reverse the motion to install a fresh blade. You can easily find our replacement blades for sale on Amazon.

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Back Shaver, DIY Back Hair Shaver & Body Shaver with 20 Inch Adjustable Handle – Safety & Pain-Free Back Razors, Back Hair Removal for Men, Perfect for Dry & Wet Use …

★ SHAVER WET OR DRY! – Our back shaver engineered to shave your back & body with the option of doing wet or dry. The safety guard of blades prevents cuts and razor burn.
★ SAFE HAIR CUTTING RAZOR – The cutting head is replaceable and detachable, which is economical and environment-friendly. Dentation cutting head avoids scratching skin. Shave with shaving cream to use, the effect is better.
★ PRACTICAL BACK HAIR REMOVAL TOOL – Back hair shaver handle can be adjusted from 14 inches to 20 inches. Easy to access all hard-to-reach areas while applying enough pressure for a close shave!

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Back Shaver, High-quality Manual Whole Body Hair Long Handle Foldable Hair Remove Razor for Pain-Free Wet or Dry Shave

Foldable design∶Long handle allows you to shave the back hair by yourself,and It is easy to store and carry for a convenient use anytime anywhere.
Wet or dry∶ Our blade to shave your back & body with the option of doing so wet or dry. Once the back hair removal is complete, the sensation on your back is so much better when wearing clothes, sweating and after showering.No shaving cream required.
Use safety∶Obtuse angle blade won’t hurt your skin, comfortable and safe to use. Our Back Hair Shaver with wide and very big blade, the shaver will quickly remove your body hair

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BaKblade 1.0 Back Hair Razor and Body Shaver for Men

The Unique Blade and Teeth Arrangement on this Patent-Approved First and Original Back Hair Shaver gives you a Close and Quick Shave; the Extra Long, Curved, Lightweight Handle is Perfect for Hard-To-Reach Areas on your Upper Arms, Shoulders, and Lower Back
Easy to Use; No Shaving Cream Needed; 4″ Wide Blade lets you Tackle Larger Surface Areas than a regular razor; it’s the Smoothest Shave Available Today; No More Expensive and Painful Wax Jobs or Laser Hair Removal Sessions for You
Hold the Shaver with Teeth Facing Toward the Skin and Lightly Drag Across Unwanted Hair; the teeth Grab and Cut the Hair with No Discomfort; the Overall Sensation is Rather Pleasant and the Results Will Amaze You

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BAKBLADE 2.0 Back Shaver Back Hair Remover for Men and Body Shaver (DIY) no Prep Cream Required Shave Wet or Dry Shaving, 2 Disposable Razor Blades

✪ THE BEST MENS GROOMING KITS – Any Hair Trimmers For Men Can be Hard To Use, and When It Comes to Body Groom. Bakblade is a Easy To Use Shaving Kit That Leaves Your Back and Body Smoothe And Clean.
✪ IMPROVED DO-IT-YOURSELF MENS SHAVER: While our Unique Razer Blades Go To Work, The New Ergonomic, S Shaped Handle Grants you Access to all those Hard To Reach Areas While Applying Enough Pressure for a Close Shave. Perfect for Men and Women.
✪ SHAVE WET OR DRY: Our Patented Dryglide Safety Blade Cartridges Have Been Specifically Designed and Engineered to Shave your Back & Body with the Option of Doing so Wet or Dry. You Do Not Need to Use Shaving Cream for a Smoothe Shave without Stubble on your Skin.

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BESTOPE Professional Cordless Hair Clippers Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Electric Hair Clipper Set with Titanium Ceramic Blade LED Screen Display Charging Base & Adapter for Barber and Home Use

Ceramic Blade Design: Ceramic blades stay cooler than steel blades when used over long periods of time and they can slice easily through fine, thick, smooth, and coarse hair without slowing down or clogging. It is not annoyingly loud compare to steel blade.
3 Rotational Speed: There are 3 rotational speed (5,000/5,800/6,000 RPM) for different hair texture. Lower rotational speeds for thin hair and higher rotational speeds for thick hair.
Large Battery Capacity: Our hair clipper contains a 2000mAh rechargeable battery which can work continuously up to 240min with 3 hours charge time. Perfect for cordless use and we provide charging base and adapter.

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