Nasal Hair Intelligent Mini Electric Trimmers Detachable Head and Washable Design Suitable Nose Hair Trimmer

–WASHED STAINLESS STEEL CUTTER HEAD: arched cutter head, which protects the nasal cavity while in use, captures the nose hair in multiple directions, and can be washed with water after use.
–UNIVERSAL USB CHARGING: USB charging interface, computer, car, charging treasure can be charged, suitable for travel, college and durable
–MINIMAL OPERATION: traditional and practical push-out switch, durable, convenient and comfortable

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Nasal Hair Trimmer 360° Rotating Cutter Head Multifunction Electric Waterproof and Washable Nose Hair Trimmer

–360° ROTATING CUTTER HEAD: Built-in arched safety rotary cutter head to accurately capture nose hair for a more comfortable and easy hair trimming.
–WATERPROOF AND WASHABLE: stainless steel, often rinse the cutter head to avoid bacterial growth.
–PUSH-OUT SWITCH: user-friendly switch design, one-button start and stop, easy to use and comfortable.

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Nasal Hair Trimmer Cutter Head Removable Washable Design Multifunction Electric 360° Omnidirectional Nose Hair Cutter

–360° ALL-ROUND TRIM: 360° fully captures nose hair of any length, with powerful high-speed motor, does not hurt the nose, saving time.
–HIGH-QUALITY CUTTER HEAD: The whole piece of stainless steel material is cut and polished by numerical control machine tool to produce a round arched three-dimensional cutter head that fits the nasal cavity with high safety factor.
–WASHABLE DESIGN: the cutter head can be easily replaced and cleaned. Please remove the battery and dry it after cleaning.

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Nasal Hair Trimmer Multifunction 360° Omnidirectional Rotation Washable Cutter Head Electric Nose Hair Cutter

–360° ALL-ROUND ROTATION: 360° range capture, easy to shave excess hair open seams, capture the nose hair in all directions.
–WASHABLE CUTTER HEAD: The cutter head is washed and used hygienic. It is often difficult to wash the cutter head to block the cutter head and clean.
–BUILT-IN CUTTER HEAD: Built-in safety three-dimensional rotary cutter head, easy to trim the hair, no pulling and no tingling, protect the nasal cavity from injury.

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Nasal Hair Trimmer Stainless Steel Electric Three-Dimensional Arch Cutter Head IPX4 Waterproof Nose Hair Trimmer

–EASY TO CLEAN DESIGN: IPX4 waterproof level, can be washed directly with water.
–THREE-DIMENSIONAL ARCH CUTTER HEAD: three-dimensional arch cutter head design, more convenient to capture nose hair, comfortable and convenient.
–HIGH-SPEED ROTATING CUTTER HEAD: powerful power with high-speed rotating cutter head, easy to cut nose hair.

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Nasal Hair Trimmer Stainless Steel Removable Washable Cutter Head 360° Rotation Multifunction Charging Mode Nose Hair Cutter

–THREE-DIMENSIONAL CURVED SURFACE CUTTER HEAD DESIGN: According to the human body structure, the curved arched cutter head is designed to comfortably cover the nasal skin, and the 360° multi-directional capture of the nasal hair does not hurt the nasal cavity.
–POWERFUL MOTOR: powerful motor power, high speed design, trimming without nose.
–EASY TO CLEAN: washable and detachable cutter head that can be twisted and removed for easy cleaning,User-friendly and convenient body design with dust cover to protect the cutter head.

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Nose Hair Cutter 360° High Speed Rotating Floating Blade Battery Powered Detachable Head and Washable Design Nose Hair Trimmer

–SPINNING BLADES SYSTEM: This product features a dual-edge spinning blades system with protective cover, inner 360° rotating design, which precisely remove the hairs without painful and unpleasant pulling. Comfortable and easy to use.
–EASY CLEANSING: Washable and removable cutter head, you can twist and take off the blade for cleaning, convenient. User-friendly handy body design, comes with a dust-proof cover to protect the cutter head.
–COMPACT AND LIGHT WEIGHT: Runs on 1 AA battery (not included) and is also great for road trips and travel. High efficient and durable.

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