20 Blades Gillette Sensor Excel Razor Blades Cartridges Refill (5 Blades x 4 Pack)

20 Blades Gillette Sensor Excel Razor Blades Cartridges Refill (5 Blades x 4 Pack)
Razor Blades : Made in Poland
All Sensor razors fit all Sensor cartridges.

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Acqua di Parma Treatments: Aftershaves,8028713210242

This slightly alcoholic aftershave lotion is scented with Colonia Intensa by Acqua Di Parma, this lotion is rich in natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Myrtle Water. Shaving irritation is immediately soothed and skin if left felling nourished and … Read More

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Ahava’s Men’s Shaving Cream – Natural Vegan Dead Sea Foam Free Perfect for Sensitive Skin – Best Moisturizing Treatment, Non Alcoholic, Irritation Free Shave for Men 200 ml

Ahava’s Nourishing Shaving Cream – Prepare skin for a close, even shave with a silky shaving cream that sinks into and softens even rough beards.
Perfect for Sensitive Skin – Its gentle, alcohol-free formula means that skin stays hydrated, reducing razor burn and its after-effects.
Dead Sea ingredients provide natural antibacterial benefits as well as a soothing after shave treatment.

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AMERICAN CREW Moisturising Shave Cream 150 ml

Moisturizing non-drying cream for a close shave
Soothes skin and helps prevent irritation during shaving
Normal to dry skin

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Andis Supra Zr Ii Cordless Detachable Blade Clipper

Now with removable battery for fast, easy replacement and no downtime
Heavy-duty, detachable blade Clipper in a cordless design delivers a 3-hour run time on a 2-hour charge
Lithium-ion power mated with powerful rotary motor to cut any hair Type – wet or dry

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Anself Male Back Hair Shaver Women Body Hair Remover Plastic Long Handle Back Razor

High-grade Blade: stainless steel blade, sharp, durable and rust-resistant. Widely-used:
The back razor shaves anywhere on your body, such as your back, legs, etc.
Skid-resistant Handle: The handle is hard-wearing and break-resistant. Thoughtful Design:

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Antonio Puig Quorum After Shave – 50 ml

Fragrance from the perfume house of Puig
An aromatic scent
Top notes of lavender and freesia

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Arko Men Shaving Cream – x4 Combo Set – Comfort, Cool, Hydrate & Sensitive

Available in 100ml tubes
Special formula with Vitamin E
Minimum friction, less irritation and softer facial hair

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Arko Shaving Soap in Bowl 90g

This soap lathers easily and quickly. It builds a very thick and lubricating lather
Fantastic, potent and longer lasting scent
Just for men who loves traditional shaving

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Babyliss 7056CU Cordless Rechargeable 8 In 1 All Over Grooming Kit

Rechargeable face and body trimmer
Skin friendly blades for gentle trimming;Pores pleasant blades for delicate trimming
Washable cutting heads for easy cleaning

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BaByliss 7235U 10-in-1 Grooming System for Men

Rechargeable face and body trimmer. Full charge will proved 30 minutes of use
Titanium blade technology with taper control for ultimate precision
Skin friendly blades for safe and gentle trimming

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BaByliss 7432U Mains Clipper Kit for Men – 22 Piece

Mains operated clipper for continuous high power during use
Diamond sharpened stainless steel blades for a precision cut
Includes 12 clipper cutting guides, grades one to 10 for a variety of lengths

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